Published: Eataly / Restraurant Business Magazine May 2014

Cover and supporting images for Restaurant Business by Matt Haas.

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Restaurant Business provides growth-minded restaurateurs of all types with the business intelligence to enhance their success. The magazine has been redesigned (January, 2014) to deliver short, concise accounts of what other restaurateurs are doing to boost sales and profits. Benchmarking information is provided in the form of info-graphics and lists that enable the reader to gauge an individual operation's performance against its peer set. A major emphasis is placed on food and beverage trends, insights and innovations. Design and food presentation ideas are presented in graphic-rich formats that are insightful but easy to absorb. For investing an hour of their valuable time, restaurateurs come away with a sense of what they should do to become more successful.

An industry publication for more than 100 years, Restaurant Business is one of the most venerable information vehicles in all of B2B publishing, has a tradition of delivering compelling, hot-button content. RB editors track ideas and trends as they develop for the more than 80,000 readers, within the high-volume independents, multi-unit independents, regional and emerging chains, change agents in the top 100, future leaders of the industry and the top 200 restaurant franchise operators.

Operators continue to grow their business with the new ideas, best practices, and creative concepts found in each issue.

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Interior / definition: the inner or indoor part of something, especially a building; the inside.

Photography / definition:  the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Waldorf Astoria- Chicago, IL /

Waldorf Astoria- Chicago, IL /

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Milwaukee Art Museum /

Milwaukee Art Museum /