Haas and Haas is an approach that is different from everything else. 

"Your brand or business is unique and diverse."

"We can be a full service photography approach"

Our perspective will help your customers, clients, & guests have a better understanding on who you are before you even meet them.  Below will help you understand how to move forward with us.



Either email us directly at haasandhaasphotography@gmail.com or fill out the form in the contact button above.



Feel free to call us anytime. 



We Travel

No matter on where you are located we will come to you.  We travel nationally and internationally for all work.


 Boutique Hotels

 Well, you don't have to be a boutique hotel or a brand new hotel.  A lot of establishments are lacking great photography of their hotel which doesn't help the bottom line.

"about eveyone in the world books their business trip or vacation on the web. That's why refreshing up your website and how people view you is important" 

How much

All projects have a budget.  We will help you understand what are the costs what and how much work we actually need to do to get you going. We can normally work with any reasonable budget.

"Some people need 2 hours of photography and other projects may need days"

How it works

We chat. We document. You receive a link to a secure FTP link that can be sent to website designers, bloggers, media outlets, etc.


Custom Art




Custom artwork can further you brand integration and help improves a space feel.  We love collaborating with clients and coming up with some amazing ideas to fill those walls. 

 "think big.... a large show piece in a space will make the space enjoyable for guests"

Event Photography

 We do event photography our way.  We want to tell the story of the event  vs  having you look at a camera in your nicely tailored suit or dress.

 "we do it all. we have photographed for the PGA Championship, Anne Klein Fashion Shows, to amazing chic corporate events."




Product Photography

Photography of your product is important.  Let us know what your going for and we can help you decide how it should be captured.  Either a nice white backdrop for a new fashion line or integrating documentary photography into the space where the product is produces.